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Apparently she felt the same way, because she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight. She probably wasn't aware she was doing it, but the undulating movement not only rubbed lightly against the shinobi's erection, but also alerted him that she was ready for his touch in other places. As Hanare refuses to speak or give out any information, they ask for Kakashi's assistance. Thanks for tonight He could hear the wet sounds that accompanied every thrust into her body but her moans nearly drowned them out. Rejoining the fight, she prepares to attack Sasuke but realizes she can't do it. Even though the men she interrogated had done the exact same thing, burying their faces in them or squeezing them in broad palms, it was different having someone she knew and trusted looking at her like that. He didn't have enough leverage with only one hand holding his weight so he withdrew from her swollen clit to brace himself on both elbows, thrusting hard and deep into her, but still slow and steady.

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Kakashi wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to his body as they shared a kiss. Hanare then confesses that she finally felt what it felt to be accepted and found her "home. Even so, he didn't want to let her go.

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Do not eat. He rested his chin on the top of her head, inhaling her sweet fragrance and wondered how the hell he was going to go back to not being able to touch her after this night, but at least she had allowed him one chance to fulfill his dark fantasies, to taste her sweet lips and skin and show her pleasure in a way she had never felt before. Here, she had given him a perfect excuse to live out his every fantasy about her, to take her in every position on every horizontal surface of his room, and he wanted so badly to give in. Unable to hold back any longer, he abandoned her throbbing clit and slid his finger along her slit before pushing inside slowly, groaning as her body welcomed him with scorching heat and dripping moisture.

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He could feel her shiver against him and once again she muffled her sounds of pleasure, denying him that satisfaction of hearing her moan without inhibition. Bookmarked by scarlethope 05 Jul Public Bookmark. He nuzzled her tenderly, showering her with kisses that grew increasingly hungry, turning open-mouthed and hot. Perhaps they hadn't had a chance to send a letter without compromising their undercover identities, but even that explanation did little to ease the knot of worry that had formed in her stomach.

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She could feel that she was close to another release but not quite there yet, and she needed more of him to reach her brink. Something within Sakura's chest clenched, although she wasn't sure whether the feeling was good or bad. Kakashi was the one she always fell back to; after every physical attack, and mental one Sakura would always seek comfort from her Sensei. She could feel the heat radiating off of kakashi's skin now. Bookmarked by Elielhime 27 Jun Public Bookmark. Kakashi didn't need to be convinced any further. He ultimately saved Naruto's life by resealing the Nine-Tails' chakra back inside his body and earned Sakura's gratitude. She was just as worried about Sakura as Naruto was but she didn't want to be hasty in her decision making. When Kakashi successfully saves the team, Sakura is shown admiring Kakashi's abilities.

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Her hand trembled with nervousness. She was trusting him and it wouldn't do to have her still feeling anxious, although he had a feeling the moment he touched his tongue to her, she would forget all about her embarrassment. She had sent an inquiry to Dajaku's club almost a week ago, giving them plenty of time to reply.

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That should be more important than any ethical code that stands back home. A rather chilling breeze coursed through the air in this moment. He seemed to think she was absolutely delectable, and while the thought was quite erotic, she was a little squeamish about him licking up anything that had come from that part of her.

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