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Azusa is easily overwhelmed by good musical performances, seen when she watches the Light Music Club's concert or Sawako Yamanaka 's performance speechlessly. Sawako Yamanaka. Maka dari itu, foto-foto semacam ini selalu dengan mudah mendulang popularitas di dunia maya. Azusa has a very thoughtful side and often worries with herself being capable of being good enough at the guitar or being a good president for the Light Music Club. Azusa's skin is a similar shade to those of the other girls, but she's sensitive to sunlight and tans easily even with heaps of sunscreen on although sunscreen does not prevent tans She also wears black tights. Menariknya, kumpulan foto unik ini sering turut menghiasi headline di media, karena keunikannya memunculkan hal-hal yang belum pernah ditemukan orang sebelumnya. Cancel Save. She is the mature but scaredy-cat bassist, and second vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time. She also wears red tights and brown boots.

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Her hair is tied into two braids at the sides of her head. She is a student at Sakuragaoka High School. She also wears black tights.

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Character Image Songs: Mio Akiyama. The summer uniform replaces the blazer with a beige waistcoat. Every now and then, she is shocked about how quick she got used to the club's laziness and tries to change it. The only parts different are a " HTT -logo" pinned to her blazer, a plaid grey skirt, a red tie, dark blue socks and her brown shoes.

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The Sakuragaoka uniform consists of a navy blue blazer, a solid white buttoned shirt under the blazer , a colored ribbon different colors for different student years, Mio's year is light blue , a light steel blue skirt, stockings or socks Mio's are black , and maroon shoes. Azusa is a self-proclaimed novice guitarist who has been playing the guitar since she was in fourth grade because her parents play in a jazz band. In "NO, Thank You! In " Listen!!

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Additionally, she carries a short brown cane. Hanya saja, tak jarang kumpulan foto unik ini ternyata hanya sekedar hoax atau berita bohong. Mio's second attire in "Singing". Mio's "Don't say 'lazy'" consists of a wide black dress with ruchings on the inside. She also became the main guitarist and main vocalist of the new band, Wakaba Girls. Shortly after joining, her disappointment made her go as far as having a rage attack during a club meeting and considering leaving the club to join other bands. Additionally, the subject physical education requires a tracksuit sport jacket with long pants, colored again depending on the year group with white striped brims, a white shirt with colored endings again colored regarding the year group for the summer semester and white sports shoes. Every now and then, she is shocked about how quick she got used to the club's laziness and tries to change it. She wears a light blue tank top which has yellow parts over her shoulders and a pink star in the middle.

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Sign In Don't have an account? She has a certain weakness for sweets and can be calmed down rather easily, sometimes just from being petted. At the graduation of the original club members, she begged them under tears to not graduate before her since she didn't want to be lonely, despite knowing her request was selfish and immature but very innocent.

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Season 1 Episode 9: New Club Member! The skirt goes down to her knees. She wears a grey one-piece shirt that also covers her hips over a second dark blue one.

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