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Black Zetsu reveals its role in manipulating the Uchiha clan as part of its plan of resurrecting Kaguya, which angers Sasuke. Prior to Sasuke's defection, Kakashi tries to point out the contradiction in Sasuke's viewpoint: he is driven to gain power because he lost his family, yet sacrifices the family he still has Team 7 in order to gain that power, which did have a profound impact on Sasuke and would have turned him away from the path of darkness had he not been influenced by the Sound Four. Pada level 1 akan muncul motif di seluruh tubuhnya, namun saat level 2 tubuhnya akan berubah dengan tambahan sayap. A few days later after Shojoji, the Mujina Bandits leader, was apprehended, Sai has Sasuke come in to interrogate him. Taka's presence is discovered exposed by White Zetsu on Tobi's orders and the country's samurai mobilise to capture them. Furthermore, the Rinnegan also makes Sasuke the only one able to detect traces of Kaguya's chakra. By the next day, Sasuke is tired of waiting and removes the bandages anyway, killing White Zetsu with his Susanoo in order to test his new powers. He finally agrees to leave with Tobi and, when they get back to the Mountains' Graveyard , he asks for Itachi's eyes, needing to restore his sight if he's to become stronger than Naruto and kill him. Sasuke however simply asked Naruto to apologise to Sakura for his continued absence before leaving. In truth, Sasuke was quite satisfied, further impressed by the wind nature Boruto applies to his Rasengan.

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Sasuke vanishes afterwards, lingering only long enough to note to Kakashi that Sasuke himself is the only one who can protect the village when Naruto is away. Itachi confirms he was helped by Madara Uchiha , one of Konoha's founders, but Sasuke doesn't believe him. Overhearing this, Sasuke affirmed Boruto's words - and noted that if it weren't for his mother and sister, he would be in the same position Naruto was in the past.

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Upon fending him off, Sasuke discovers the assailant to be a young boy with the Sharingan, and whose clothes bear the Uchiha crest. Sasuke is unable to answer any of the questions, causing him to realise that the purpose of the first stage is to cheat without getting caught. Having been waiting for this, Hagoromo then summons them all back to the real world with the help of the dead Kage and congratulates them for their victory. By Part II, Sasuke became a highly skilled user of kenjutsu and acquired a chokuto, which become a major part of his fighting style.

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Although he fulfills Itachi's wish for him to protect Konoha, doing this from the shadows and investigating the mysteries of Kaguya leave him unable to spend time with his family, to the point of even failing to recognise his daughter, Sarada. Sasuke tells Boruto to ask him again after he's learned to use the Rasengan. When the spying creature tries to teleport Shin once again, Sasuke calls out Sarada to warn her about that, and then she kills the creature before activating her Sharingan and using her chakra enhanced strength to defeat some of the clones, making Sasuke smirk with pride. It takes repeated uses before he's able to fully form Susanoo.

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Sasuke volunteers to use what little strength he still has to distract Gaara while Naruto escapes with Sakura, but Naruto is unwilling to do so. He is left unconscious while his body adjusts to the drug, but when he finally wakes up many hours later his body is much stronger. Condemned by Kakashi for this, Sasuke tells Kakashi there is no reason for him and Sakura to love each other and her love is a remnant of a "failed" past. There he learned from Boruto of the new village holiday, Parent and Child Day. Pada perkembangannya, ia sempat menjadi tokoh antagonis karena membelot ke Orochimaru dan kemudian sempat bergabung dengan Akatsuki. Sakura is able to deal with most of her captors by herself, but Sasuke finishes off the few remaining. Itachi removes the cursed seal from Sasuke's body during Part II, preventing him from using it again.

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Sasuke accepts this reasoning and they leave Team 7 behind. Guilt-ridden for the pain he put Sakura through, Sasuke tries to speak to her but she tells him not to because she needs to concentrate on healing them. In Part I's finale, the two characters engage in a one-on-one combat and grow further apart. Instead, he decided to immediately leave Konoha to wander the world, curious how different it will appear to him now that his outlook has changed.

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He then leaves without even saying hello to his friends. Sasuke attacks and defeats Itachi with his Chidori Sharp Spear , impressing him enough to divulge where the real Itachi is before it, a crow clone , disperses. Sasuke tells his daughter that Boruto jumped to the wrong conclusion, and that he was going to agree to make him his student. In Sage Mode, Kabuto shields his eyes so that he's immune to genjutsu.

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