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Uematsu N. Immunoprecipitation and Western blot analysis were performed as described 9 , S1 A , followed by insertion of an inactive, truncated EGFP donor fragment downstream of hygromycin resistance marker. Figure 2. Figure 7. Wilson I. J Biol Chem. Xie A. Given the caveat that these shrinking hinges and DBD—LBD interactions could forcefully be created during crystallization, the functional significance of these crystal structures remains a critical target of discussion.

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Despite the differences between these two groups of receptors, both groups appear to utilize the DBD—LBD interaction or the NTD—domains interaction 14 , 31 , 32 as an underlying structural basis to form homodimers. Jang S. By co-immunoprecipitation, we showed that CtIP dimerization is not required for its interaction with Nbs1, and thus the chromatin recruitment defect of dimerization mutants is probably not by affecting Nbs1 association-dependent DSB localization in mammalian cells. Mantap gans.

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We conclude that the intramolecular interaction of phosphorylated DBD with the LBD enables CAR to adapt a transient monomer configuration that can be converted to either the inactive homodimer or the active heterodimer. Olson E. Published online Nov Zgheib O.

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Chandra V. Dahlman-Wright K. CAR homodimerization is regulated through phosphorylation of Thr

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You'll be in good company. Huertas P. No screenshot. Reporter assays Huh-7 cells were seeded in a well microplate Corning Inc. Each data point is the average of 10 independent measurements. Ngilu banget euy.. Daftar 13 Sep Post 65 Like diterima Add Your Name. Daftar 13 Jun Post Like diterima

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References 1. A testing ground for theories of immune recognition. Zgheib O. Dubin M.

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Daftar 10 Feb Post 73 Like diterima It has been described that CtIP forms dimers in mammalian cells, but the biological significance is not clear. Sueyoshi T. However, it remains possible that CtIP dimer formation is required for its binding to DSB ends in the context of chromatin.

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